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Radon in Well Water- Safe Drinking Water

Who is to say what is safe and what is not with drinking water anymore…truthfully I begin to question all the pundits out there after

Radon in Well Water- RI Living

Mitigate Well Water?!

reading some blogs by notable scientists doubting the issues that radon in water is to our health.  Until this gets really sorted out at some future date and standards set within Rhode Island, I will go with with the flow and what is acceptable in neighboring states.

In fact, in one of my recent Charlestown RI home sales, I talked about the potability of water and the hubbub it caused for my buyers.  And that was due to the lender.  Well the lender wanted a radon water test for the well to meet acceptable EPA guidelines.  My recommendation to buyers when buying any home with well water is to test it for radon anyway.
As RI living here is pretty carefree but we want to drink clean and safe water but we do not seem to want to put standards to that effect.  So we turn to the neighboring states for their acceptable limits when testing radon in the well water, as follows:
Massachusetts – 10,000 pCi/L
Connecticut-         5,000 pCi/L
Maine-                     4,000 pCi/L
Vermont-               5,000 pCi/L
New Hampshire & Rhode Island just do not have well water radon standards.
Truthfully, in the most current home buying situation, the level of well water radon was above 10,000 pCi/L so we could make a case for the seller paying for it.  Considering there are two kinds of well water radon mitigation systems to use:  Aeration and GAC, it was recommended by the home inspector and testing company to go with the Aeration treatment system that runs $3400+ (the more costly and supposedly the better of the two systems).  That is what the lender accepted as well as the buyers.
Radon in Well Water- RI Living

Narragansett Bay is great water in RI

But what if the radon in the well water had come in around 4500 pCi/L?  With no RI standards is it then the responsibilty of the buyers to install a system of their choice?  It does seem to be what is happening when I talk to fellow agents.  I am curious what other agents or inspectors have experienced and how they have dealt with past home buying situations.    Please share with me!  Radon in Well Water- Safe Drinking Water.
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Radon in Well Water- Safe Drinking Water
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